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Carpet Cleaning Maidstone

Why Choose J R Carpet Cleaning  Maidstone 

While there are many products that look to aid the cleaning of our carpets, the truth is that nothing can deal with the dirt absorbed over time like a professional carpet clean. There’s also the fact that many products available on the market can be useful for some carpets, but harmful to others. So if you happen to have a very expensive carpet, the results could be detrimental, and end up costing you more in the long run.

J R Carpet Cleaning  Maidstone has over 20 years’ experience within the carpet cleaning sector, and has worked on a number of different carpet types, and ensured that a relevant cleaning solution has been put in place each time.


Carpet cleaning Maidstone

Carpet cleaning Maidstone

While we may vacuum our carpet daily

 this alone isn’t enough to stop the trapped pollutants and dust mite infections that can manifest within a carpet. The service on offer from J R Carpet Cleaning in Maidstone not only ensures that your carpet looks the best it can, but is also free of any mites and pollutants. The cleaning of a carpet can also ensure that the carpet itself is not inviting the growth of mould. Over time, moisture can lie within the carpet, which in turn can form mould. A professional carpet cleaner will ensure that your carpet is given a new lease of life, and is a healthy addition to the home, rather than one that is causing issues.

A professional carpet clean will always be the most effective when it comes to removing particle pollution, pet dander and everyday dust and dirt. And using a service like the one on offer from JR Carpet Cleaning will give you a healthier lifestyle, and a more enjoyable and undisturbed sleep as a whole.

Carpet cleaning Maidstone

Carpet cleaning Maidstone

Why Clean Your Carpet in Maidstone?

Many of us clean our carpets on a daily basis to ensure that our home or premises looks the best it can, but many may not be aware of what’s going beyond the surface of the carpet. Although vacuuming the carpet can ensure all surface dust and debris is removed, a more robust solution is required to rid carpets of pollutants and mites that can harbour within the carpet. A carpet can also absorb a lot of moisture, which if left unattended, can mean mould can occur in the worst-case scenario.

The carpet you currently have could be one that is expensive, and as such, you want to ensure that you are cleaning it correctly to ensure it has a long lease of life. All carpets should be cleaned at least every 12 months to ensure your carpet looks the part, as well as being free from pollutants.


Carpet cleaning Maidstone

Carpet cleaning Maidstone

If you run a business, such as an office or hotel

 it’s likely that your premises will have a lot of foot traffic, which can mean that you may require a cleaning solution on a more regular basis to ensure you are able to get rid of all the soiling that accumulates due to such foot traffic. This can also apply to any establishment that happens to deal with customers visiting a premises, such as a public house or doctor’s office. Whatever your business, ensuring you have the right kind of carpet cleaning solution in place ensures that your premises are left looking more inviting as a result.

Whether you’re looking for a one-off solution, or a regular carpet cleaning solution, then why not contact J R Cleaning for an informal chat to discuss your requirements further.

Carpet cleaning Maidstone

Carpet cleaning Maidstone


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